Titouan | Sailing that makes us all happy!

27-7-2020, Titouan

Last night was the night we were all waiting for. Being taken out of bed 40 minutes before your watch (2.20 ouch) and directly stepping into the action with the need to hoist some sails (forestay sail and mainstay sail) with a nice 7 Beaufort of wind and pouring cats and dogs. The rain was going sideways and even from down to up because of the wind, wave splashing us even on the pantry roof. Hopefully this nice North Atlantic weather doesn’t last long and the rain stops and the wind becomes a bit more gentle. That way the ship take over can take place and at 5.00 a nice bunch of happy trainees can show up to take part of a 3 hours watch until 8.00.

The rest of the days was just really nice with good wind, no rain and some sun, running downwind with the course at an average speed of 8 kts. A nice piece of sailing which make us all happy.

That’s it for today.