TIM | The same question, a dozen times


Today we started like most days with a nice and calm self-study moment. We were still in the harbour of the beautiful Bergen, so no heeling or waves.

Bergen is also our last port in Norway, because we are about to go to the Shetland Islands. Hopefully we can finally do some real sailing. Martijn taught all the trainees how to estimate the distance and time to the Shetlands, and we made a little game out of it. Who will comes closest to the arrival time/date?

Because it was raining a bit (yes the real Bergen weather) we did the daily exercise (30 day work-t challenge) mostly inside. We are starting to feel more fit by the day. We can see that the girls are having more off a back-spine than the boys, cause the girls are actually joining every day of the DAILY work-out challenge ^^.

Today is also a day off making captain Martijn very important, and compliment him while we can. He really likes that! We can see this as well in the VLOG of today.

Before we were on open sea again, we could still enjoy a couple hours of watching the beautiful Fjords. At some point we heard a  lot of enthusiasm on deck. There was something to see outside. Do we see dolphins or whales? Do we see dolphins or whales? The question we asked ourselves a dozen times. We saw at least 7 very big fishie kinda animals, only 150 meters from us apart. After some research we do think they were Pilot-Whales. A very cool experience!

This was also the day that Jet did her interview for a local newspaper in the Netherlands. We were just on time with this call (and sending some pictures) before falling out of 4G or any other connection. Jet did very well!

The group-activity of today was about complimenting each other. ( a shame Kaptijn missed this) Everybody got a A3-paper and a little ropie, so we could hang the paper on our backs. Than we could walk around (very dynamic) and had to write something down. It was all about something that you really appreciate about that person.

By the end of this activity we could turn the paper around and could read all the nice (and real) things the others think about you.  After some very nice sharing discussion, we could hang the papers in our bunks. So now we can wake-up everyday with a very good feeling and a smile.

Finally at open sea the weather was again not like we wanted it. The North Sea was ( I think) never this calm before. Still no sailing, but a cool experience in another way!

During the night watches actually not really much happened, because there was still no wind. But the trainees could practise a little with the hoisting of some sails, and of course continuing the talks about life!


Until next time,