Ship’s takeover from Bosun’s view

Hi readers,

The blog for the 24th of January will be in English since I, embarrassingly enough, haven’t learned to write a single word in Dutch during my last 3 months on-board the Wylde Swan. Nevertheless, the 24th was in many ways a special day for the trainees, or should I say young crew on-board the Swan. Since, it was the first full day of Ship’s takeover.

Each trainee had, through the internship, gained an approximate idea of what certain departments do to keep the ship running. The galley makes sure that everybody stays healthy and makes delicious food, The Chief calculates the most optimal route from A to B, The Bosun runs the maintenance on deck and so forth.

All around I would see young people smiling, because they suddenly ran this big vessel together as a team. They have all taken a lot of responsibilities upon their shoulders. They grow day by day by being tested to their limits. Especially the chief can be good at overloading the young ambitious trainees through the internships with information.

In my case, I can say that those who did apply for the deck department as Bosun and Deckhand are all doing a great job. I believe some of them have, in the last 36 hours, managed to accomplish several tasks that beforehand seemed impossible to them. Quite impressive. I try to stay out of their takeover and give them their needed space, however, my restless attitude doesn’t help. I want to give it my all for them. Thus, they can come home with a feeling of satisfaction and hopefully feel like they have learned things about themselves that they would never have discovered in strictly quarantined Europe.

Today we, the danes on-board, presented the possibilities of joining the Danish TRAINING SHIP DANMARK. For those of them who wants to keep sailing on tall ships it is definitely a nice way to get your papers and learn a lot more about yourselves. The sailing journey is not over yet!

Lastly, The Ship’s takeover will last another 3 days and there is still a lot for them to learn. I’ve noticed that the biggest accomplishment a group of young people manage to do through the takeover is work together. It is crazy to think that 27 trainees manage to move several thousand tons of steel through the waters from point A to B, St. Vincent to St. Marteen. The last leg of an extremely joyful and adventurous voyage in the Caribbean Sea. I must admit that I see a bright future ahead of us with such an aspiring youth all around the world and I am happy to be part of it myself.