RIGMOR | Surprise party!

Hello everybody.

Today started off with a few small jobs on deck which got put on hold when we had a surprise goodbye-party for our sweet deckies/ex-interior manager Jonne and Marla, who stayed on board for a little while to catch a ride to the south – and also to help the crew for the first part of trip 3. While some were set on a mission to distract the girls the rest started decorating the mainhold with lights and music. Even after only knowing them for a week and a half all the trainees put in a lot of effort to send them well on their way – imagine how it’s going to be saying goodbye after 5 weeks.


After happy hour we went to shore and took a guided bus ride around Carriacou and learned a bit about the history and culture as we took in the beautiful sights. We came by a shipyard where we heard a bit about the work they had going on. We then drove further up to the highest point of the island where we had a beautiful panoramic view of the smaller islands and the ship. After this we got off the bus and walked back to the pier which, for me, was a very nice opportunity to get to know the people I work around and with every day.

After dinner captain Ruth had a workshop on how to navigate using the stars. So during the next few weeks we will experiment a bit with using a sextant and what this entails.

All in all a very nice day !

Hope all is well on land.

Rigmor (bosun)