Pirates and underpants

9 maart 2021

“And these underpants?”, Lisa is holding up another pair of underpants and some people say: “That’s Roland’s again.” Lisa throws it at the pile of clothes that belongs to Roland, our deckhand. If you lose stuff, you need to do a jobbie (usually a dirty place you need to clean). Like Rachel, she and some other people had bad luck and needed to clean the anchor locker. While they were covered in dirt and rust and bathing in sweat the other people had internships. Soon we’ll have our ship’s take-over, so today was the day in which the crew explains all the details of their job on the boat. Luna and Rachel had an internship for captain. Our captain Maarten was sleeping, so first mate Martijn taught us a lot of stuff about being captain. All other trainees had internships too, and most of us were very excited about it. It’s nice to learn more details about one specific part of sailing. The internships you could follow (so the jobs on board): cook, doctor, deckhand, bosun, engineer, first mate and captain.

And then: the big metamorphose! We changed the main deck into a pirateship, and we changed ourselves into the coolest pirates ever seen. We used all we could find on the ship, which is not a lot, so we had to be very creative. With a permanent marker, we drew tattoos and scars. With red nail polish, we faked blood. During the party, we danced to our favourite music and we ate a lot of cookies (home-baked by trainees!), chips and sweets. We had a funfact-quiz: everybody on the ship submitted one funfact about themselves and Mirthe and Twan made a quiz out of it. We all laughed very hard when Roland told us how he got beaten up by Santa Claus. It was nice to have a party and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

I hope you enjoyed our blog. We wrote it in English for our English-speaking crew: Asta and Titouan.


Luna and Rachel