Once upon a time…

2 mei 2022

Een Engelstalige blog van engineer Pim deze keer!


This is a story about a little ship who wasn’t feeling well. Its tummy was hurting a lot and it didn’t know what to do about it. It felt a lot of pressure in its belly and couldn’t poop any more. That’s a difficult situation for humans, but also for ships. When a human feels like this, he/she goes to a doctor to get it fixed. The little ship when to the ship doctor, better known as the engineer.

During the physical examination, doctor Pim checked the internal organs of the ship. The black water tank (where all the waste water, including that from the toilets is being stored before going overboard) was very full, that’s why the ship was feeling so much pressure. The level sensor was unable to feel properly. The sensor sometimes said that the tank was empty, but in reality, it was totally full. Doctor Pim told all the watches to flush the tank manually. And for a while the ship was feeling better.

However, at one moment the pump was so tired, it was completely overworked and it didn’t want to pump anymore. The ship was starting to feel the pressure building up again. Doctor Pim quickly made a bypass, to get the water from the tank, through a different pump into the sea. The ship was happy getting to the Azores, where doctor Pim performed surgery on the tank to get it back in proper working order, without any bypasses and extra pumps. Also cleaning, flushing, similar to a clisma, helped to get all the clogged hair and other objects we do not want to mention any further, out of the system. In order to bother as few people as possible, all the trainees were sent away from the little ship, to explore the island of Faial. After a hard day’s work, everybody was happy and healthy again including the little ship. And doctor Pim got a well-deserved, uninterrupted night sleep.