Jesse & Jet | Long at sea

Haii everyone!

Something that is special about our group is that we all originally signed up for the ocean crossing from the Caribe through the Azores back to the Netherlands. Unfortunately due to corona another group had to make this crossing instead of us. So the trainees on this trip now were quite happy when they heard they still could make a journey on the Wylde Swan. There were immediately all different kind of speculations about our destination, Azores, a round around the UK, Iceland or Norway for example. We mostly hoped we would still get a long time at sea, with just nothing else then the ship and water, just like we signed up for with the ocean crossing. The first part of our journey didn’t have that much time far at sea, as we hopped along the beautiful coast of Norway. But now the tides have turned, the best way to cross from Ullapool in Scotland to L’aber Wrac’h in France seemed to be on the west side of Ireland over the North Atlantic Ocean. So now in our past eight days at open sea we have definitely had our ocean experience, with the ocean swell, the wild life: a lot of dolphins who swim with the boat and the fountains of whales on the horizon, no land in sight, clear water and beautiful stargazing. And we even got more than we originally signed up for like the beautiful fjords of Norway and the green hills in Scotland.

Greetings from the ocean from,

Jesse and Jet