JENNIFER | Super motivated students!

What a group, what a journey, what a life!

Charged by the full moon I want to share this thankfulness with you. One week ago we started this travel together. Only one week ago! It is a crazy realization I had yesterday on a beautiful mountain on Dominica when we hiked a full day in a beautiful rainy rainforest. Today is the so called Test-day and will be the 7th day we spend together and I am so happy that is only 1/5 of the total! The people know each other already so well, while at the same time there is still so much to discover. Luckily, the days feel and are long, while at the same time: time flies! The past days were full of exiting new things, routine tasks to fulfill, beautiful moments, heartbreaking ones, loads of good talks and good food. I am looking forward a lot for what is to happen more!

On the testing day today the trainees will make their first tests for school this trip. They will show that they can do their schoolwork really independently on a very hot, moving ship where there is always something else to do, to see or to learn. The students of this trip are super motivated to work for their schoolwork and start to realize that they can make their own decisions and create their life how they want it to be. It is an honor to see how steep the learning curve is of the trainees and be witness of the choices they make. I then of course not only refer to their schoolwork. They meet themselves while diving into this intense process together. They learn, they go high, they also go low and get up again, they laugh, they also cry, they get focused and they act.

I want to thank you all for the possibility that this can happen on the beautiful seas we have on this planet! I am looking forward what is to happen the coming weeks,

Liefs Jennifer, head teacher trip 4, 2020