Hurt feelings of the Wylde Swan

6 mei 2022

This is another story about the little ship who wasn’t feeling well. Only this time it wasn’t because it’s tummy was hurting or because the little ship was feeling overworked. This time the little ship was feeling sad. The ship was becoming a little insecure about herself because of another ship, a bigger ship, that had come in to the harbor of Horta that week. Everyone was talking about her and how beautiful she was. She was ‘a nice classic yacht, not an ugly old tall ship’, they said. Three masts, a nice wooden haul and perfectly white sails. Usually the little ship, who considered herself quite big already, was the beauty of every marina. Only this time all the attention of visitors went to the other ship. Everyone in the harbor was admiring the new ship and taking pictures of her. This made the little ship sad. She was so used to being the center of all the attention that she started to doubt herself and her beauty. What if nobody wanted to sail on her anymore?

Even the crew of the little ship was impressed by the new ship. They all went to visit and they came back praising the beautiful ship. The deckhands were jealous of the perfectly scrubbed deck and the organized bosun store. The interior manager could not stop talking about the beautiful laundry room. “Four working dryers?!?! I wish our little ship had that!”, she would say. The little ship was hurt. She really tried her best to work and look as nice as possible. It is just not that easy. She also hated that the dryers never work, but keeping dryers alive on a moving ship is hard!!!

The crew was so excited about the beautiful ship, that the little ship became afraid that her crew would leave her for the other ship. She had heard the cook say “I want to work in that kitchen!”.  The little ship became more and more insecure and started to feel miserable.

But then one of the crewmembers said “I prefer our little ship, she has way more character and I would never leave her for another ship. There is no fun in a perfect ship.” The other crewmembers agreed. This made the little ship feel better. The next day she could finally leave the port of Horta and set sail again. All the crew was on board and happy to be on the little ship. The little ship felt happy.

The end