First mate, first time on board!

Good day to everyone,

Here is Francisco, first mate first time on board Wylde Swan! I am sailing the first and second Masterskip programs on board this amazing Top sail schooner. I am Portuguese however I have been sailing with the Dutch fleet since more or less I got contact with tall ships, it is great to be able to sail along with all the Dutchies.

Today, the 6th December, I start my day with the morning watch, as the sun rises we notice the start of a new day for the students on board. Which more or less still asleep eat their breakfast and enjoy the first light of the day on the main deck. It is an experience to observe the change of energy on board just with a good couple of minutes of sun. Some students will seat outside and study, others have some tasks that demand more focus and they go inside seeking for support from the teachers. What a start of a day, what will it bring more?

Today we also started with the internships, this program allows the students to have a head to head contact with all the departments crew. It will be a total of three days per group having three groups for each position on board, therefore 9 days with first-hand experience of what is to be a crew member on Wylde Swan. I felt very happy to have students with so much interest in all the work we do here. I am looking forward to experience the ship’s take over where the entire ship will be controlled by our students, seeing them developing their skills and attitude is very rewarding, it makes my day!

Best wishes to all

Francisco Oliveira

06 december 2020

Extra reis,
dit schooljaar!

We organiseren in 2021/2022 een extra Masterskip reis naar een heel bijzonder gebied. Er zijn nog een paar plekjes vrij!

Ga jij mee dit nieuwe vaargebied verkennen?