Danish decky Asta

6 januari 2021

Hi, I am Asta – and today I died.

Yes you read that correctly. We started a murder game at 3 pm and 3 hours later I was tricked. So the thing with murder game is that you get 3 pieces of paper – one with a name, one with a “murder weapon” and a place on board the ship. I was killed next to the main mast with goggles. It is a super fun game which everybody onboard are participating in.

Other than that I am a Danish decky on board and I did some maintenance during my watch. Some of the trainees helped oiling the aft railing and other than that I tried to fixe some of the ratlines – the steps you have to climb when you go aloft.

In the afternoon we went to this little green inhabited island called Fort Duvernette – our nabour island. It was really nice and we all enjoyed it. The twins Floortje and Noortje have their sweet 16 today – so the ship is nicely decorated and we had brownies as a celebration. Now it is dinner time and people are still dying all around me.


Extra reis,
dit schooljaar!

We organiseren in 2021/2022 een extra Masterskip reis naar een heel bijzonder gebied. Er zijn nog een paar plekjes vrij!

Ga jij mee dit nieuwe vaargebied verkennen?