CHRIS | A day with Chris

A day with Chris – All the wonderful jobs in the Chris-department

Three days ago Chris was meant to write a blog, but for some reason he keeps on avoiding it. But not anymore. Chris is locked up in the nav-room and has to think about his life on board (it’s hard but he will manage). The trainees and Chris call him the ‘Chris-department’, because Chris doesn’t just work on deck, he is also our engineer’s right hand.

It’s not hard to answer the question ‘what does the Chris-department do?’. ‘On a random day in the Chris-department, I’ll do watches and in between watches I help the engineer fix problems, come up with solutions. And then fix them, well try to fix them.’ Chris pauses for a long time… ‘The best part is the sailing, like yesterday.’ All of a sudden Jelmer walks into the nav-room and adds to the description of the Chris-department: ‘wrestling with Jelmer’. It’s almost a day job. Chris and Jelmer have worked together on the lighting in the engine room and have been sparring since the start of the trip. So on top of fixing lines up on the top yard and reconnecting the treatment unit (for the black water), Chris is also busy with being a ‘big brother’ to some of the trainees.