Bringing the ship back to ship-shape

18th of january 2021

Hello everyone,

My name is Rigmor and I am one of the Danes on board, and even though my Dutch is slooowly improving, this blog will for that reason be in English.

Today started with the return of a very tired and soaked group of trainees after a long night of “sleeping” on the island. After a nice barbeque on Tobago Cays yesterday, we left the them to themselves for a proper night of survival. Seems like they had a good time, despite a lot of rain in the morning and a lot of strange and exotic animals (such as possums and hermit crabs ;)).

While the trainees started up their self-study this morning, deckie Rinske and I started our attempt of making the ship look somewhat more like a ship and less like a beach with sand and snorkels everywhere. With the help of the trainees and a good, thorough happy hour, we are now ship-shape and back to normal.

My watch ended at 12, but around three o’clock this afternoon, the other watch started heaving up anchor and sailed away. This is something you cannot avoid noticing, when you basically share a wall with the chainlocker. After departure the internships started, so the deckies set sails and the officers made a plan of how we are going to spend 48 hours sailing 20 miles.

Since my watch is from 6-12 I will have to wait till tomorrow morning with working with my bosun interns. The internship are always interesting and getting a group of trainees very invested in the job you’re doing is a lot of fun, so I look forward to it.

I hope all is well on land – we will definitely keep your children for a little while longer.

Fair winds,