Isa and Roos

Hello everybody,



Today it was lazy Monday, so we didn’t have to do schoolwork. That meant we sailed all day.

In the morning we did a couple of tacks . Johan, our bosun, told us how to do this. We hoisted the main sail, but when it was almost at the top, a line broke… So we could start again with all the thirty trainees and the crew. In the afternoon we had an assigment how to determine the speed of the Wylde Swan. The first group threw an apple over board and meassured how long it took before the apple was on the othter side of the boat. The second group threw a plastic bottle with a rope on it over board and meassured how many rope came of the winch in 10 seconds. The last group used 2 GPS locations and calculated the distance between those locations. After we were done, we explained to each other how we came to our results. Further on it was a normal day and in the night we had sail watches. 


Greetings Isa and Roos